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How do you measure concrete slump test in field with slump cone???


concrete slump test

How to Test Concrete Slump in Practical:

Concrete Slump Test is very Important for a Construction Project to gain accurate design strength of a concrete. According to structural design, there have given design compressive strength of concrete and required average crushing strength of concrete. 

In the field of construction during casting of any kinds structural elements as like as beam, column, slab, footing or others, we will must be test the design strength accuracy in field.

Why should test Concrete Slump in Construction Project:

Concrete is the most important element for any kind of RCC structure. When we cast column, beam, slab or footing, that time we will have to maintain the quality of concrete and strength of concrete. But we don't know about accuracy of concrete. That time we have to test slump of concrete for gaining actual design strength.

Which Type of elements need During test of Concrete Slump:

During testing of concrete slump, we need some elements for testing and accuracy. The elements are-

i) Steel trowel
ii) Slump Cone
iii) Tamping Rod
iv) Flat Plate for straight Placing
v) Concrete
vi) Measurement Tape

Before Slump Test Follow These Instructions:

i) What is the design strength of Concrete?
ii) What is required crushing strength of Concrete?
iii) What is the slump value for design strength of concrete?
iv) What is the water cement ratio for this design strength?
v) Concrete Compressive strength in PSI value.
vi) Temperature Reading.

During Slump Test Record these Instructions:

1. Casting Date.
2. Casting Structural Elements Name
3. Casting Procedure manual or Ready-mix
4. Pouring Issues
5. Concrete mixing ratio
6. Slump value
7. Mixing Time
8. Fine aggregates Type
9. Coarse aggregates Type
10. Cement Production Company Name
11. Project Log Book

Procedure of Slump Test:

Step-1: At first, take slump cone on a flat and clean places.

Step-2: Set up the slump cone at the top of flat plate materials.

Step-3: Take concrete from ready-mix vehicle or manual mixing.

Step-4: Fill up the cone into 3-part by sample of concrete.

Step-5: Fill up the 1/2 portion of slump cone with concrete.

concrete slump test

Step-6: Then take a 16mm Dia tamping rod for tamping the concrete with properly.

Step-7: Count 25 times blow and blow around the slump cone with properly to avoid the void from first portion of slump cone concrete.

Step-8: After that, Take again some concrete into the cone by trowel.

Step-9: Then count 25 times blow and also blow around the cone with properly to avoid honeycomb from the concrete.

Step-10: After completing second portion fill up, prepare for third portion filling.

Step-11: Again take some concrete and fill up third portion of slump cone.

Step-12: Same as before count 25 times blowing and blow around the whole cone with perfectly to avoid void into concrete.

Step-13: After completing all stage, finish the top surface with carefully.

Step-14: Remove the cone from the concrete with smoothly and after removing fully then cone will be opposite of concrete and 16mm dia bar will top of  slump cone.

Step-15: Finally, take a measurement tape and measure the slump value by inches or millimeter.

concrete slump test

Step-16: Suppose you have get a slump value 95mm. This is actual slump value for the concrete.


Before slump testing, please, keep water cement ratio with relevant of structural design. When you collect the sample of concrete, please mix the concrete with very Properly.

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