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Earth Works Excavation for Foundation in a new Project Step by Step.


Earth Works Excavation

Earth Excavation Work:

The first step in starting a new construction project is to properly cut the foundation soil. 

The soil should be cut properly according to the drawing. And other security must be maintained.

This also Specification of earthwork in excavation in foundation.
And earthwork excavation for foundation trenches.

Note Before Cutting the Soil:

We can understand about earthworks excavation method and also can gain earthwork excavation calculation from this step with practically.

Earthwork excavation procedure is very simple and easy by any others. Before starting the main works in a construction building, it is the main step.

The things to note before cutting the soil are-

(a) What kind of foundation to cut the soil for ?

(b) What cut the soil ?

(c) How to cut the soil ?

(d) What is the condition of the soil ?

(e) Whether there will be any problem while cutting the soil ?

(f) If there is any problem while cutting the soil, how to solve it ?

(g) When cutting the soil, you have to take care of whether there is any other building next to it, etc.

Foundation Type:

There are the foundations that are usually used in most construction projects-

(1) Isolated or Separate Footing

(2) Combined Footing

(3) Raft or Mat Footing

Soil Cutting Rules:

For Separate or Combined Footing:

(1) It is Usually 8 feet or 10 feet deep and does not require safety measures at works if soil condition is good.

(2) If the soil condition is bad and you have to work during the rainy season, you have to put a shawl bolly as a safety.

(3) According to the drawing, more soil should be cut more than 6 inches on both side.

(4) And as such the soil should be cutting marks.

Earth Works Excavation for Foundation

(5) Under no circumstances can the cut soil be placed on the boundary wall.

(6) The place to keep the soil should be Prepared Separately. 

For Raft or Mat Footing:

Such Footings are used in the case of basements or when the soil is bad.

(1) It is usually above 15 feet.

(2) In this case, the soil is cut by machine.

(3) Shore pile or joysticks should be used for safety measures.

(4) And in both cases copying or bracing must be given.

(5) The soil should be cut to a certain depth as per the drawing.

(6) If the soil is cut by machine, the soil should be cut 3 inches less than the specified depth.

Earth Works

(7) So that later levelling and dressing can be done manually.

(8) When the work of the foundation is done, the joysticks have to be removed.

Checklist for Earth Work:

The steps to be taken to supervise the cutting of soil are-

(1) Has the layout been finalized before cutting the soil.

(2) Safety measures have been given or not.

(3) Is the PL level stain on the surrounding wall.

(4) Is it ok to cut the soil according to the depth.

(5) Is there enough light to cut the soil by machine at night.

(6) Has the cut soil been on the wall or not.

(7) Be careful about safety of workers during Earth work Excavation.

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