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Understand History of Construction Building Before Starting the Works Step by Step.

History of Construction Building

History of Construction Building Before Starting the Works:

Before starting the construction works, we should have knowledge about that building totally details. From first to last details should have understand by us.

In this content, Today, we will discuss about fully details before the construction works starting.

Name of Project:

Choose the best and excellent name before building design and details. In this section will be given the name of project by the owner of building or designers.

Date and Time:

When you revise or finally study the drawing in your own hand please, keep the record of date and time. If any kind of mistake will catch by you, Inform the designers about that so that they can correction that portion or others.

Project Address:

Project address must be include into the final drawing sheet so that location and overview will easy for construction works.

Include house number, road number, village name or city name, ward number and name, police station name and location, district name and others name if needed.

Telephone or Phone Number:

For a building design, there have a design team as like as Architectural design team, Structural design team, Electrical design  Team, Plumbing design  team, HVAC design team, Fire and safety design team, Drafting team.

Include all the main designers phone or telephone number and signature. also include quality check engineer phone number and signature.

Land Area:

At first land area needed before design the building. In this section, land length and width measurement must be needed. These measurements are measured by survey designer team.

Demolition Complete Date:

In this section demolition complete dater and time will be include if demolition works are stand against this construction works.

Project Duration:

It is very important for any kind of construction works. Project duration must be fixed by the building owner near the contractor.

Completion date:

Building construction works completion date will be include into the contract paper by the owner of building.  According to the owner speech this date will be final.

Milad or Other According to Religion of Owner:

Before starting the first step of works of building, do these thing according to the owner religion that will very good for any kind of works.

Floor Area Descriptions:

Building total floor area will be include in this section. Without area of building , the owner will not be understand about the total building dimension and size. So include all area into this section.

Floor Type and Details:

Floor type and details must be needed. Total unit number, Per unit area, Unit name, Unit room size and other dimension will be provide in this section by the Engineers. As like as-

Unit A- 4500 Square Feet
Unit B- 3400 Square Feet
Unit C- 5500 Square Feet

Total Flat Number:

In any kind of building as like as residential building, commercial building, school or college building, factory building, hospital building, office building and others building , if flat have then include the details here.

Number of Storied:

Total storied number with underground floor or parking floor, ground floor, typical floor number will be include here by the designers.

Layout Checking and Final:

Check the layout according to the approved design by the designers and setup the house into the proposed land area. 

Engineers will be check the layout and finalized the layout. Take the record of date for layout checking.

Earth Cutting Start:

Confirm the footing or base location according to design and start the earth cutting works and record the date of earth cutting.

Total Footing Number:

Count the total footing number and type. Also check the foundation type as like as shallow foundation or deep foundation. For example-

Isolated footing type
Combined footing type 
Raft or mat footing type
Single footing 
Or others if have.

As like as total footing number 60 Nos.

Total Column Number:

Count the total column number and column dimension in this section according to the structural drawing and design. Column length, width, height will be confirm from the design.

As like as total column 68 Nos.

Car Parking Number:

Count the Car parking number and location from the design and drawing. 

Lift Details:

Confirm about lift design and details from the drawing. Lift size, lift location, passenger lift or others type lift count and confirmation from drawing.

Main gate Details:

Before starting the construction works of building there will be need must be a main gate for that project. Main gate give protection from any kind of thieves or others.

Utility Connection:

Before starting the construction works , temporary connection of utility must be needed in that project. As like as-

Water line will be 1.5 inch dia.

Gas line will be Double burner.

Electrical line 3-phase.

Deed of Agreement:

Deed of agreement will be fixed with each other as like as consultants, contractors and owners. Fixed the agreement date into this section.

Generator Capacity:

Generator capacity will be 250 KVA or according to the design of electrical section or equivalent. 

Water Pump:

In the construction project there must be stand water pump. At least 2 water pump include into the project. 1 will be standby and other will be backup.

Reception Lobby or Temporary office:

reception lobby or temporary office will be need before starting the building works.

Emergency Electrical Points:

During construction works electrical line needed.

Air Condition Provision:

All bed and living room air condition provision need as per building condition and according to the design.

Hot and Cold water line:

Hot and cold water line will be details in drawing with master bath or c bath with the kitchen as per building condition and according to the design.

Others connection Requirements:

Bath tube, master bath as per condition. Exhaust fan kitchen or other location as per condition or according to the design.

Underground water Reservoir Capacity:

Assume 6 person for every flat and for every person water need 30 gallon will be calculated and at least three days storage will be provide.

Fire extinguisher:

For every flat, at least one fire extinguisher will be provide. for common area 3 nos fire extinguisher will be needed.

Termite Protection:

For Insects  harmful works, give the medicine and kill the insects and protect the building from any kind of insects.

Reinforcements Details:

Construction Building

Reinforcements Production factory details, rebar dia and grade, strength of rebar, name of steel reinforcements etc.

Aggregates Type and details:

18mm downgraded stone chips or brick chips. 6mm stone chips or brick chips will be provide as per condition.

Roof top Details:

Roof parapet wall , protected children's area and others protect materials will be confirm as per condition and building details.


Thanks to all.

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