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Site Mobilization Works Procedure Step by Step.

Site Mobilization

Site Mobilization Works Procedure:

Site mobilization works is very important for every new construction project before starting the works. Without site mobilization, it is very hard to start construction works properly. 

This content will describe that site mobilization permission, accommodation and take placing for mobilization, agreement, fixed budget for site mobilization works procedure for site.

Materials Need for Mobilization Works:

(1) C.I Sheet
(2) Main Gate
(3) Rope

(4) Bulb-100w or 200w
(5) Table and Chair
(6) Fire Bucket

(7) Fire Alarm
(8) Torch Light
(9) Electric Meter

(10) Electrical Switch
(11) Electrical Socket
(12) Electrical Cables

Site Mobilization

(13) Nail
(14) Water Glass
(15) Cookeries Set

(16) Wooden Telephone Box
(17) 4 feet tube light set
(18) Empty Drum

(19) Pan for Toilet
(20) M.S Angle
(21) M.S Pipe

(22) Bamboos
(23) Gas Burner
(24) Ceiling Fan

(25) Pedestal Fan
(26) Fire Extinguisher
(27) Charger Light

(28) Drum Sheet
(29) Wooden Board for Electrical
(30) J Hook

(31) G.I wire
(32) Cup Set
(33) Flux

(34) First aid box
(35) Umbrella
(36) Site Office Direction Board

(37) Ring for Toilet
(38) Meeting Room
(39) Utility Connection

Utility Connection List:

(1) Electricity Connection
(2) Sewerage Connection
(3) Tree Cutting include Removing

(4) Building Breaking (Dismantling)
(5) Site Cleaning
(6) Water Connection 

(7) Gas Connection
(8) Pool Shifting
(9) Telephone Connection
(10) And others if have.

Project Launch Procedure:

In order to launch a project smoothly and beautifully, the following things will be required continuously-


(1) At first make boundary wall around the project.

(2) Make security shed in the project.

(3) If there are plants, cutting should be done.

(4) Need to arrange electricity.

(5) Need to make labour shed for living the labours.

(6) Need drawing, design and decision.

(7) Supervisor staff will be need in the project.

(8) A high quality main gate will be fixed in the project.

(9) If there is an old building, it has to be demolished.

(10) Water must be provided.

(11) Gas line must be provided.

(12) Site office and stores need to be created.

(13) Contractors must be hired.

(14) The whole place needs to be leveled to lay out.

Materials List Details Description:

C.I Sheet: C.I sheet means corrugated iron sheet. It is very important sheet in every construction project. Various type of construction works it has useful continuously.

Main Gate: In any kind of construction works, before launching the works, main gate is the most important and highly useful for protection of any kind of harmful issues.

Rope: For tightening of scaffolding or others materials or position, rope is most responsible for hard works to making easy.

Bulb -100 or 200 watt: Purchase these type of bulb and set up around the whole project for night time works in construction. Without bulbs, construction works can not be done in night.

Table: For study the drawing and design with properly in the construction project, table must be need. Because study of drawing is the most important part for a new construction works.

Fire Bucket: Fire is another issue in any kinds of places. Any time in any where fire can occur unfortunately a big type accident in the project. So fire bucket will be ready all time in the project for protection from any type injuries or accidents.

Fire Alarm: When fire want to be spread out all the places, then fire alarm will help you for giving the signal before fire spread out in whole area.

Torch Light: Torch light is the another most important for a construction project. In night time torch light will be needed where bulb can not make up.

Electrical Meter: Before adjusting the electrical line, electric meter must be provided in a fixed area. From this meter all electric connection will be provide in total project.

Electrical Switch or Socket: Bulb connection, water pump connection, phone or others charging put connection, vibrator line, engineering field machine line, motor connection line are needed to provide continuously electric by switch or socket.

Electric Cable: For connection the electric line, electric cable is the first.

Water Glass: To drink water for all staff and all project engineer and others staff, water glass individually needed in project all time.

Cookeries Set: For making food in the construction project then all type of cookeries set will be need.

Wooden Telephone Box: For the communication with one another and with head office and other reason, telephone must be include in the site office. That will be kept in the wooden box.

Tube light Set: Tube light set needed in the site office and also in the meeting room in the project.

Empty Drum: Empty drum plastic or iron made is need in the project. For keeping the water or others type chemical into the drum, then empty drum must be need.

Toilet: In the construction new project for everyone, toilet is first important issue in the project. So set a toilet temporary in the site.

M.S angle or Pipe: Sometimes M.S angle and M.S pipe to be need for any kind of works in project. So keep these materials in the project.

Bamboos: Bamboos is another very important materials for construction works. Mainly for scaffolding.

Ceiling or pedestal Fan: Ceiling or pedestal fan set up need in the living area, office room, meeting room, dining room or any other purposes.

Chair: Chair must be need in the project for office staff and other person. For every post of mankind chair and table must be different to each person.

Charger Light: Charger light need during load-shedding.

Wooden Board: Wooden board must be need in the project to check the quality control or others purposes in the project.

Cup set and Flux: To remove the boring time for the staff or others person, take a tea time. For that reason cup set and flux need. Besides this, sometimes hot water can be need in the project.

First Aid Box: To prevent any type of accident, take the first aid box quickly near the victim which is fulfill by temporary treatment.

Umbrella: During rain time umbrella must be need. So keep some pair of umbrella in the project.

Site Office Direction Board: Set up a site office direction board in the new construction project.

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