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What are the Materials Used in RCC Works and Details Description.


Stone chips

Materials Used in RCC Works:

(1) MS Deformed Bars According to Grade.

(2) Gray Cement

(3) Fine aggregates 

(4) Coarse Aggregates

Details Description of Major Materials:

MS Deformed bars will be according to design grade as like as 40 grade or 60 grade or 72.5 grade.

Cement will be gray cement and there have two category cement as like as PC cement and OPC cement. These will be used according to design strength.

Fine Aggregates will be Sand. There have two type of sand. Local sand and Sylhet sand in Bangladesh. But others country will have to be different. Fineness modulus of sand will be 1.8 to 2.5 Standard.

Coarse Aggregates are Stone chips or Brick chips. It will depend on design strength. But standard size of coarse aggregates will be 18mm down graded.

Name of Equipment Used in RCC Works:

(1) Mixer Machine
(2) Vibrator Machine

(3) Nozzle
(4) Fara - Measurement Box

(5) Cylinder Mold
(6) Slump Cone

(7) Water Pump
(8) Weighting Scale

Specifications of Materials:

(1) MS Deformed Bar:

MS Bar can be different types as like as- Deformed Bar, Torsteel, plain bar etc.

Yield strength will not be less than 40000 psi for 40 grad rebar. Generally it is made by scrap. 60000 psi will be for 60 grad and 72500 psi will be for 72.5 grad rebar.

Yield strength will not be less than 60000 psi for 60 grad and yield strength will not be less than 72500 psi for 72.5 grad rebar. It is generally made by Billet.

Every rebar will be 40 feet length.

Rebar Diameter will be Accurate and Actual size.

Rebar will not break down during giving hook or curve or bend re-bend.

The diameter of the rebar must be such that it will never be cracked, flattened or uneven anywhere.

(2) Cement Type and Details:

The unit weight of cement shall be 1440 kg per cubic meter.

Initial setting time shall not be less than 45 minutes where as final setting time shall not be more than 8 hours.

Weight of individual bag should be 50 kg.

All Cement bag should be sound and properly sealed.

(3) Water:

Use water in or near food.

(4) Stone Chips:

Stone chips are usually made from hard boulders.

It is usually uses 18mm down graded.

Weight of stone chips will be 100 pounds per cubic feet.

A special feature of stone chips is that they are able to bind to each other in the presence of a complete substance.

And it has the ability to withstand injuries, stress.

(5) Brick Chips:

It is usually made from picked or first class brick.

It's size will be usually 18mm down graded.

There can be no unwanted dirt in the brick chips.

Good brick chips will not absorb water above 15 percent.

It must be small in size and can never be thin or elongated.

Brick chips made of jhama brick can not be used under any circumstances.

(6) Coarse Sand:

Sand must be free from clay lumps, lightweight materials.

These are sharp angular grained silica, which are hard, dense and durable.


Minimum fineness modulus of sand will be 2.5 and should not be less than 2.0.

Used in structural concrete works.

(7) Concrete Mix Proportion:

Generally two type of mixing proportion are used in RCC works.

Such as-

If concrete strength is 3000 psi or less than 3000 psi, then proportion will be 1:2:4.

If concrete strength is 3500 psi or upper limit of 3500 psi, then then the proportion will be 1:1.5:3.

For cement concrete or ordinary works, proportion will be 1:3:6.

(8) Procedure of making the Mortar:

Mortar will be made according to proportion.

Proportion will be according to structural drawing specifications.

It can be uses for works, made in the site according to all requirements.

Suppose, you will have to make a  1:2:4 proportion in your site. Then you will provide 1 bag cement, 2 bag sand and 4 bag stone chips or brick chips.


Or you can use a fara to get accurate quantity according to drawing.

Cement, sand and stone chips will be mix by mixer machine and will have to be give 22-23 litre of water to gain accurate water cement ratio.

(9) Work Procedure:

At first study Architectural and structural drawing with very carefully and by repeat and repeat.

Cross section and elevation will be match by you with properly.

Collect the measurements from the architectural drawing.

Collect the rebar size and dia, sand, stone chips, all other structural criteria from the structural drawing.

Which member or structure will be works, that portion will be study by you with very perfectly.

You will have to be find out if any kind of fault have or have not.

If you find out any kind of mistake in drawing, then you must be inform of architectural and structural engineer.

Thanks for Reading.

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