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How do you do Piling Works for a New Project Properly.


Piling Works

Pile Layout System:

If the new project has a pile foundation, then the pile layout has to be given after the layout is finalized. 

The center line of the column in the grid line reference has to be fixed and pile points have to be given based on it.

The piece of rod should be placed at the pile point and welded so that the points are not lost during the movement of the tripod.

And the pile point can be determined by looking at the casting and rod in the mud.

This will be done with pile points for each column as per the drawing.

Materials List:

(1) Calculator
(2) Nail
(3) Paint and Yarn

(4) Measuring Tape
(5) Sprit Level
(6) Mattam

(7) Cut Piece Rod
(8) 18mm graded Singles
(9) Sylhet Sand

(10) Medium Sand
(11) M.S Rod
(12) Gray Cement

(13) Filling Sand

Equipment's List:

(1) Winch Machine
(2) Chisel
(3) Boring Pipe

(4) Bucket
(5) Tripod or two pod
(6) Trime Pipe

(7) Mixer Machine
(8) Casing Pipe etc.

Work Procedure:

(1) Piles need to be done very carefully.

(2) Since the work is underground, not visible to the naked eye, any problems can occur.

(3) Therefore, the steps to be followed from the beginning to the end of the pile are described-

(4) Chisel should be placed at the pile point with the help of te-pier.

(5) Water should be poured on the cut-piece rod of the previously cast pile point with water in the chisel.

(6) With the help of winch machine, 5 feet or 6 feet boring casing pipe should be installed.

(7) The diameter of the casing pipe will be equal to the diameter of the pile.


(8) With the help of winch machine, the chisel has to be placed in the casing and bored at a certain distance.

(9) When the boring is over, you have to wash for half an hour.

(10) At the end of the wash, the rod should be lowered into the boring hole.

(11) The level at which the top of the rod should be placed should be fixed with the help of water level.

(12) And a rod of that size must be welded to the rod of the pile and hooked to the head of the casing pipe.

(13) Welding work has to be done with the help of trimmy pipe.

(14) When casting a trimmy pipe, left in such a way that the head of the pipe is always 6 inches below the casting.

(15) With the help of mixer-machine or ready-mix, concrete should be made in the required proportions and funnel should be given on the head of the trimmy pipe.

(16) The cut-off level part needs to be cast by false casting.

(17) Casting should be stopped only when cement and stone are seen on the top of the casing pipe.

(18) Each pile must be cast according to the above rules.


Keep in mind, as well as the pile can not be repeated.

The distance from one pile to another pile should be at least 6 feet, the more the better.

Problems and Solutions:

(1) Problem: If the pile point moves-

Things to do: The pile point needs to be fixed with water on the chisel head to determine it correctly.

Solution: If 2 inches or 3 inches removed then the pile cap has to be enlarged. And if it moves 1 feet or more, then you have to re-design and cast the pile cap again.

Piling Works  for a New Project

(2) Problem: If there are gaps in the pile-

Things to do: Care should be taken during casting so that the trimmy pipe does not protrude above the casting.

Solution: If seen during pile cap, it should be broken and re-casting.

(3) Problem: If the soil breaks from all around or if Kevin-

Things to do: Chemicals can be used such as- bentonite or dung.

Solution: If it breaks down too much, you have to stop boring and work again after a while.

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